“Hello, world.”  This basic computer program is typically the starting point for all computer science, IT and technology professionals because it signifies a proof in concept, and that the language or system is operating properly. For us, it’s a perfect metaphor for our introduction to what this new practice series website is about.

Frank Gonnello Jr., Esq. (CIPP/US), and The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have officially launched their newest legal resource site, NJ Cybercrime Lawyers (http://njcyberlaw.com) with hopes that the site can help spread awareness of the penalties and repercussions of criminal computer activity at both State and Federal levels.

“This is the starting point for a practice center that’s going to grow exponentially over the course of the next few years,” says Gonnello, who graduated from Seton Hall with a Computer Science bachelor’s degree, and a J.D./M.B.A. in IT Management. “With the way the government is scrambling to keep cybercriminals and criminal computer activity at a minimum, certain rights are potentially being violated every day.”

The site will keep an eye on the evolution of the law surrounding cyber criminal activity. A blog component will feature periodic updates of relevant case law and news stories that surround New Jersey and Federal crimes related to computer activity. This blog will also explain relevant emerging legislation, like the recent New Jersey Cyber-Harassment (A-2785) and Identity Theft clarification (A-2105) bills signed into law in January of this year, as they pass through the House, Senate and Governor’s desk.

Gonnello draws an analogy between the publication of these new laws and the release of new computer software.

“In a computer software launch cycle, the first ‘beta’ version released to the public usually contains bugs – problems the developers did not predict or overlooked. It’s likely there will be these ‘0-day’ vulnerabilities in the legislation itself, which we may be able to use to advance our clients’ rights.”

There’s also another angle to which this site serves a substantial purpose.

“People young and old are learning ways of committing criminal offenses just through computers alone, and they’re losing sight of the fact that there are real-world consequences for this masked behavior. Our site looks to bring awareness of the criminal charges that exist on the books in State and Federal legislation, including the fines, penalties and jail/prison sentences that can result.”

The firm is hoping that the new site fits a niche for legal clientele in the 21st century. By providing an authoritative resource for a technical, often-misunderstood area of law, Jonathan Marshall’s group of lawyers distinguish themselves from the attorneys unable to keep up with the times.

“The way things are progressing, by 2020, cybercrimes and privacy lawsuits could be litigated as often as the simple possession and slip-and-fall cases of today,” opines Gonnello. “Our clients deserve more than just a beta legal team.”

The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has more than 10 office locations throughout New Jersey, including Newark, NJ, home to the Federal District Court that handles a large number of cybercrime cases each year. To contact an attorney, or for more information on the firm’s Cybercrime and Privacy Litigation practice, visit http://njcyberlaw.com, or call 1 877-450-8301.