Back in March of this year, Google released an easy-to-understand (and entertaining) video regarding the complicated privacy considerations the company faces when responding to U.S. search warrants that it receives from state and federal investigators. We felt that our audience would be served well by our sharing of that video here on our NJ Cybercrime Lawyers blog, embedded above.

Google, and the Battle Between Data Privacy vs. Government Search Warrants

Google regularly updates its “Transparency Report” to reflect the trends in user data requests and the legal processes it needs to comply with, in order to maintain the public trust in the company. Google is actively pushing back against government warrants requesting users’ information, and the Transparency Report is designed to keep users abreast of the state of this battle.

“Government requests for user information in criminal cases have increased by about 120 percent since we first began publishing these numbers in 2009,” Google reported on it’s official blog.”You deserve to know when and how governments request user information online, and we’ll keep fighting to make sure that’s the case.”

Watch the video above to learn more about how Google receives, responds to, and actively engages in the battle between users’ data privacy rights and government interests in computer criminal investigation search warrants. For information on other Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”) and their compliance practices for responding to U.S. criminal investigation warrants, navigate to their “Privacy Policy” links, or contact a representative at the company that may be able to better explain their methods and procedures.

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